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Genealogy of the Rintoul/Bowman families
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* Life Dates on Separate Lines Mod
Add Person Siblings Row
Burial Website Media Import
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CountAncestorsDescendants mod
Create Sitemap
Customized Logs
Disable Image Preview for non-registered Users
Family Group Worksheet
Family Preview Mod
FGWTabs (enables Family Group Worksheet)
Forum for TNG
ID Prefix Format
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Mobile Individual Page Map - Person Map
Mobile Site Enhancements
Mouse Wheel Zoom
NearDawn Template
No Captcha reCAPTCHA Add-on
Private Note Mod
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Relation Display
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Simple SEO
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Submit Photo/Document
Surname Statistics
Tables of descendants
Template Manager
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Random Photo Server-Side Scaling (increases load time of the Random Photo)
Show ID in Header (Based on original version by Ron Krzmarzick)