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Thank you to others in my family who have kickstarted me on this new hobby, for sharing their research with me. My father especially was hugely helpful in this. Thank you also to those who have provided pictures and documents that have enriched the stories of our ancestors. Please enjoy your visit, and if you're part of the family, go ahead and register with the link above!

If you're not registered for access, you are still welcome to browse and search the site. As your browse though, you will find there are restrictions on what you're allowed to view. These restrictions are in place to protect personal data, especially surrounding 'living' individuals. If you are part of the family, we welcome you to register as a family member to unlock everything. You must already be in our database, or able to document how you are descended from someone in the database. Once I've confirmed your access, you will then be able to view all 'living' information and have full access to all media and notes.

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Latest News

27 Jul 2018
I'm still here! A lot has been going on in my life this year which has slowed down my exploration. All the same, this site should be faster than ever thanks to a recent PHP upgrade, and I've also applied some enhancements in light of the new GDPR regulations. I'm hoping to renew my efforts on this site in the coming months, so keep me honest!

22 Nov 2017
I've made many changes lately to the site. You should be seeing faster performance that before, and I've also applied an SSL certificate to ensure a secure browsing experience for all. Another new feature is better integration with my photo gallery at https://gallery.rintoulbowman.com/. As I'm digitizing old family photos, I'm creating albums for anyone in our family tree who is deceased.

To see how this works, look for a new section called "Photo Galleries" on individuals who this applies to (such as my favorite example, Frederick Archie Rintoul. You'll find a link that looks like the image on the left that will open that person's photo album in a new tab. Check back on these albums frequently, as I'm constantly adding pictures by this means.

12 Jun 2017
You should now be able to view Census images without having an Ancestry.com account. My focus over the last week has been filling "gaps" in the tree, where I'm missing a spouse's name for example, or have no last name specified whatsoever. I'm finding Facebook and Pipl.com to be invaluable for researching living people in this effort.

1 Jun 2017
I've been absent here, but have been continuing my research on Ancestry.com. I'm jumping back over here to begin attaching documents from my research, starting with death certificates, marriage records and census records. I love how the census records present using the Census Plus International mod... see my great-grandfather, Frederick Archie Rintoul as an example.

19 Jan 2017
After much consideration, and inspiration from others, I've decided to take this site public. I've taken great lengths to secure any information on living relatives, and have also hidden all notes for guests, until such time as I can review them and make sure they're okay to mark as public. Thumbnails of media may be viewed, but the full-size media is also unavailable for guests. I'm also working on publishing a privacy policy that details this out in more depth.

17 Jan 2017
I've launched a new look to the site... the goal being to make the landing page a lot more flexible... expect lots of changes to this home page soon!

19 Dec 2016
Up until now, the rintoulbowman.com domain has pointed to wedding photos from over 3 years ago. Since no one has logged into that site in a year, it's time to repurpose it for this.

1 Dec 2016
I bit the bullet and started an Ancestry.com trial... so much information there! It's helping me blast past a lot of the gaps I've found in my data.

27 Nov 2016
This is a brand new site. I've started with data from my father, and am starting to compile data from my wife's family. If you see anything incorrect, please notify me and I will get it fixed. If you have any interesting family facts, documents, or photos to offer, please do! I hope to turn this site into something all of my family can explore and enjoy!