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Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to this continual work-in-progress. Since starting this site, both close & distant family has come out of the woodwork to introduce themselves and share stories and pictures of our shared ancestors.

I started with a set of data from my father, but have found it's an exciting (and overwhelming) time to be into genealogy, as there are so many resources out there. The Internet really does have a way of linking people together through a website like this.

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At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
Marie Mildred Wieland
Marie Mildred Wieland
Photo received in collection from John Rintoul, inherited from Millie Rintoul. 
John H Heinemann
John H Heinemann
Photo received in collection from John Rintoul, inherited from Millie Rintoul. 

Photo received in collection from John Rintoul, inherited from Millie Rintoul.

Carl Bade, born Nov 11, 1841, died Mar 23, 1912. Millie's mother's grandpa 


Harp, Virgil Perry
   b. 1895, Arkansas, United States
Clark, Floyd H.
   b. 1897
Hammond, Ella Marie
   b. 3 Dec 1901, Iona, Lyman, South Dakota, United States
Clark, Dorothy Jean
   b. 1924
Clark, Anna M.
   b. 1901, Kansas, United States
Harp, Harold Irving
   b. 31 May 1919, Grenola, Elk, Kansas, United States
Quillen, Myrl E.
   b. Abt 1908, Kansas, United States
Quillen, William Patton
   b. Abt 1889, West Virginia, United States
Arline A.
   b. Abt 1895, Kansas, United States
Bankston, Zack A.
   b. Abt 1887, Louisiana, United States

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