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Genealogy of the Rintoul/Bowman families
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Illinois, United States


Notes: State, 1818-Present

State/Province : Latitude: 40, Longitude: -89.25


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bessie I.  1902Illinois, United States I1290
2 Brunson, Reva  Abt 1911Illinois, United States I2382
3 Dobbins, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1844Illinois, United States I1414
4 Grow, Ida Frances  Jan 1864Illinois, United States I300
5 Hall, Nancy J.  Abt 1849Illinois, United States I416
6 Harris, Margaret Jane  10 Jan 1857Illinois, United States I55
7 Pyatt, Bessie B.  23 Jun 1886Illinois, United States I940
8 Rennie, Allen N.  13 May 1879Illinois, United States I412
9 Rintoul, Jeanette  21 Jan 1873Illinois, United States I111
10 Rintoul, John Q.  1863Illinois, United States I108
11 Rintoul, Leo E.  Abt 1907Illinois, United States I158
12 Rintoul, Leone Grace  18 Nov 1884Illinois, United States I119
13 Rintoul, Mark Daniel  20 Feb 1926Illinois, United States I105
14 Rintoul, Mark Daniel Jr.  6 Feb 1948Illinois, United States I126
15 Rintoul, Mildred E.  Abt 1902Illinois, United States I156
16 Rintoul, Morris Charles  Jan 1900Illinois, United States I157
17 Rintoul, Nellie S  Feb 1889Illinois, United States I122
18 Rintoul, Paul Edward  1924Illinois, United States I163
19 Rintoul, Reba Florence  Aug 1887Illinois, United States I123
20 Rintoul, Rupert R.  1894Illinois, United States I162
21 Rintoul, Victor O.  1901Illinois, United States I121
22 Rintoul, William Alexander  14 Aug 1859Illinois, United States I98
23 Swann, Alonso F.  Nov 1846Illinois, United States I1294
24 Swann, Charles  Abt 1871Illinois, United States I1372
25 Swann, Elizabeth  Abt 1869Illinois, United States I1371
26 Swann, Josephine  Abt 1866Illinois, United States I1370
27 Swann, Martha  Abt 1878Illinois, United States I1295
28 Swann, Nellie P.  1876Illinois, United States I1293
29 Towell, Mertis  11 Sep 1873Illinois, United States I392
30 Werner, Charles A.  Abt 1906Illinois, United States I1142
31 Wesemann, Albert L.  3 Dec 1918Illinois, United States I2044
32 Wesemann, Elizabeth Dorothea  1908Illinois, United States I2041
33 Wesemann, Henry Chris  2 Sep 1877Illinois, United States I2039
34 Wesemann, Margaret Caroline  27 Jul 1916Illinois, United States I2043
35 Whyte, Sarah Alice  30 Jul 1862Illinois, United States I99
36 Williams, Curtis Sherman  14 Sep 1863Illinois, United States I324