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Genealogy of the Rintoul/Bowman families
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Pennsylvania, United States


Notes: State, 1776-Present

State/Province : Latitude: 40.75, Longitude: -77.75


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cora P.  May 1880Pennsylvania, United States I2093
2 Adams, Charles Edward Sr  28 Jan 1857Pennsylvania, United States I391
3 Borel, Arnold Eugene  15 Dec 1892Pennsylvania, United States I1444
4 Brossman, Adam W.  11 Apr 1843Pennsylvania, United States I1184
5 Ernst, Elsie Hermina  22 Apr 1893Pennsylvania, United States I585
6 Ernst, Herman E. Jr.  9 Oct 1911Pennsylvania, United States I1681
7 Fehr, Mae E  20 Aug 1925Pennsylvania, United States I731
8 Fink, Catharine Elizabeth  20 Jun 1867Pennsylvania, United States I630
9 Fink, George  Abt 1863Pennsylvania, United States I1901
10 Fink, Henry  Abt 1855Pennsylvania, United States I1902
11 Fink, John  Abt 1858Pennsylvania, United States I1903
12 Fisher, George J  16 Aug 1923Pennsylvania, United States I732
13 Gerhart, Emma R.  17 Jun 1872Pennsylvania, United States I725
14 Good, Florence  Abt 1877Pennsylvania, United States I1229
15 Green, Catharine A.  1864Pennsylvania, United States I1008
16 Groff, Myrtle M.  Abt 1903Pennsylvania, United States I2089
17 Hain, Eve Ann  31 Aug 1845Pennsylvania, United States I962
18 Himowitz, Sarah  3 May 1911Pennsylvania, United States I2020
19 Hunter, Isabella  May 1886Pennsylvania, United States I1702
20 Hunter, James  May 1884Pennsylvania, United States I1701
21 Hunter, Jennie  Oct 1880Pennsylvania, United States I1700
22 Hunter, Louisa  Dec 1878Pennsylvania, United States I1699
23 Hunter, Mary Morrison  Aug 1882Pennsylvania, United States I1675
24 Ketner, Charles  Mar 1876Pennsylvania, United States I2092
25 Knoll, Amanda  Abt 1830Pennsylvania, United States I1993
26 Knoll, Elmer L.  25 Dec 1899Pennsylvania, United States I2006
27 Knoll, Emma Rebecca  13 Jul 1859Pennsylvania, United States I1148
28 Knoll, George E.  29 Jul 1889Pennsylvania, United States I2002
29 Knoll, George K. Sr.  9 May 1831Pennsylvania, United States I717
30 Knoll, Harold E.  1 Jan 1913Pennsylvania, United States I2015
31 Knoll, Henry  Abt 1803Pennsylvania, United States I1991
32 Knoll, Howard Werner  6 Feb 1898Pennsylvania, United States I2005
33 Knoll, Jonathan  Abt 1840Pennsylvania, United States I1995
34 Knoll, Kate Agnes  2 Sep 1866Pennsylvania, United States I598
35 Knoll, Maria Caroline  8 Nov 1855Pennsylvania, United States I1147
36 Knoll, Mary C.  16 Mar 1896Pennsylvania, United States I2004
37 Knoll, Robert L.  14 Nov 1891Pennsylvania, United States I2003
38 Knoll, Sarah  Abt 1848Pennsylvania, United States I1997
39 Knoll, Susannah  Abt 1842Pennsylvania, United States I1996
40 Knoll, Susannah E.  11 Sep 1853Pennsylvania, United States I1146
41 Knoll, William  Abt 1838Pennsylvania, United States I1994
42 Kramer, Leonard Frank  22 Nov 1919Pennsylvania, United States I1722
43 Kreisher, Franklin  15 Mar 1859Pennsylvania, United States I1011
44 Kreisher, Helen A.  17 Aug 1895Pennsylvania, United States I1012
45 Kreisher, Maud M.  1884Pennsylvania, United States I1014
46 Kreisher, Rosa E.  Abt 1886Pennsylvania, United States I1015
47 Kreitz, Rebecca  30 Nov 1824Pennsylvania, United States I718
48 Leise, Amelia J.  Mar 1844Pennsylvania, United States I2100
49 Leise, Emeline C.  Jan 1852Pennsylvania, United States I2094
50 Miller, Anna K  27 Aug 1869Pennsylvania, United States I726

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Miller, Anna K  16 Mar 1943Pennsylvania, United States I726